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Looking for a wax salon in Rotterdam? Delete Professionals in Waxing has two locations in Rotterdam. The first wax salon where you can go for a Brazilian wax in Rotterdam is situated in Rotterdam Centrum , within walking distance of the Erasmus bridge on Mainland 92. The second wax salon where you go for the best Brazilian wax of Netherlands in Rotterdam is situated in Rotterdam Hillegersberg at Kerkstraat 4.

Delete Professionals in Waxing in the Netherlands

Delete Professionals in Waxing is on it's way to becoming the best wax salon chain in The Netherlands. Our mission is to provide all of The Netherlands with wax salons, so that everyone can enjoy a pain free waxing experience. We are growing rapidly at the moment and have opened 16 wax salons so far. We have salons in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Laren, Nieuwegein, Zwolle and Alkmaar. In our wax salons we wax every part of your body. The only part that we don't wax is the hear on the head, we like to leave this to the barbers. As for the rest of the body, we wax all of it! Everyone is welcome at Delete Professionals in Waxing. Come inside to learn more about waxing while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. For an overview of our treatments please visit our treatments page and to directly make an appointment, click here.

Come and visit Delete in Rotterdam!

Delete has Wax Salons throughout the Netherlands. In Rotterdam you can find the most comfortable wax treatment ever. Get rid of the razor! No more problems with stubble and itch, and - finally - the eternal struggle to keep your body smooth is coming to an end. From now on, just visit the Delete location of your choice in Rotterdam and get rid of your body hair professionally. Get to know the many benefits that waxing has over shaving, and welcome a real solution to keep your body hair-free and your skin nice and smooth!

Smooth skin in no time

You will always experience the same problems when you shave your skin. After shaving you might experience stubble and irritated, itchy skin. In addition, you often have to put a lot of effort into shaving yourself, especially for the work down there. And when you’re finally done it won't take long for your hair to grow back, and you can start again from the beginning. Do you really want to keep doing that? Or has the time come to make an appointment at one of the two Delete wax salons in Rotterdam?

When you get waxed at Delete Rotterdam in the center or Hillegersberg, you will truly be hair-free for weeks. Moreover, your skin will be smooth and nice after the treatment, and when the hairs do grow back, they will be much thinner and softer. Your first time might feel a little awkward, but you will experience a wax treatment is really not that bad. You can forget about the weird ghost stories you might have heard about waxing, because we use a special waxing cream which feels much less sensitive than normally. Moreover, we employ professionally trained Wax Angels who can treat you most skillfully. You will be outside again before you know it, freed from that body hair! So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment online and swing by!

Waxing in Rotterdam Centrum by Delete Professionals in Waxing

Rotterdam Centrum

Vasteland 92
3011 BP

+31(0)88 224 22 10


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Brazilian wax bij Delete Professionals in Waxing

Delete Professionals in Waxing offers the best Brazilian wax treatments in Netherlands. At Delete we are specializes in the Brazilian wax. At the Brazilian wax is the pubic area completely cleared of hair. The Brazilian wax is a treatment for women. For men we call this treatment a Boyzilian wax treatment. There are many variations on the Brazilian wax, among other things: the Brazilian comic, the Full Brazilian and Brazilian Triangle. Our team of Wax Angels knows them all and will ensure that you always satisfied with your wax treatment. What Brazilian wax treatment you're looking for, you are going To Delete always satisfied way!