Bling bling for your pubic area! The newest Vajazzling trend that came over from America. Vajazzling is decorating the pubic area with small (Swarovski) crystals to give a luxurious effect. We can place the crystals in several designs. The effect of the Vajazzling treatment will last from 2-7 days and gives your pubic area an amazing bling bling effect. The treatment can only be done on waxed skin. The skin needs to rest before we can add our glamour!

Vajazzling, the most exclusive treatment by Delete

The Vajazzling is one of our newest and literally most glamorous treatments available. The Vajazzling is quite literally meant to make you sparkle . You can adjust the Vajazzling completely to your liking, because different types of patterns are available to apply with the Swarovski crystals. Bling bling down there, experience it yourself at one of our salons and experience the effect!

The difference between the Brazilian Wax, the Vajacial and the Vajazzling

The Vajazzling is the ultimate gift to yourself and your partner. With this treatment you indicate that you do not only deserve to be hair-free and cared for, but also to shine like a star! View the difference between the Brazilian Wax, the Vajacial and the Vajazzling here:

  • Brazilian Wax, Delete’s specialty. With the Brazilian Wax you can get a complete wax treatment for your pubic area.
  • Vajacial, the Vajacial comes after the Brazilian wax. With this treatment, the skin of the pubic area will be fully checked on ingrown hairs, bumps and cleansed nicely.
  • Vajazzling, the Vajazzling takes place shortly after receiving a Brazilian Wax or Vajacial. With this treatment your smooth skin will be adorned with beautiful crystals to give the pubic area the glow that it deserves.

Let yourself be seduced by the Vajazzling

It might sound a bit strange to provide your pubic area with crystals. But nothing could be further from the truth, because the Vajazzling is a very popular treatment. Many women feel that the crystals are super beautiful and love the sparkling effect of the Vajazzling. The Vajazzling is performed by our specially trained Wax Angels, and they apply beautiful patterns to the pubic area. Are you intrigued or curious about this exclusive treatment? Then book an appointment online at one of our salons!

Price: € 20,95

Delete Deal:   € 10,48

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