The facial for the pubic area, the only treatment the let’s your skin get a complete check and cleansing. Ingrown hairs are removed when found. It’s a luxury treatment for the pubic area. We will make your skin softer and smoother, but the treatment also works to calm down the skin and improves skin recovery. This is not just luxury, but a spa treatment for your pubic area.

Do you want to add more luxury and glamour to your pubic area? Then check our Vajazzling treatment!
• Vajazzling

Vajacial, the ultimate wax for the pubic area

The Vajacial is ideal if you want to give your pubic area some extra attention. This luxury wax treatment is one level up from the Brazilian Wax, which also depilates your pubic area. With the Vajacial, your skin gets the extra care that it deserves. This means that your skin will be treated professionally to create the most beautiful, smooth and healthy result possible. Not a single hair will be skipped, the entire pubic area will be cleaned and cared for professionally. Treat yourself to this all-inclusive treatment and feel reborn!

Nothing beats a professional Vajacial

Your pubic area is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, and proper care makes a big difference. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice to visit Delete! Our Wax Angels are specially trained to perform the Vajacial wax treatment with utmost attention. They know exactly what they are doing, what they should pay attention to and ensure that you feel completely at ease. You will experience our professional care yourself when you book your first Vajacial in combination with a Brazilian Wax! The difference is huge if you are used to shave and clean yourself. "What a hassle, if only I had come by sooner!" We hear this comment more than often from our enthusiastic customers after a Vajacial treatment.

Hair-free and cared for with the Vajacial

The Vajacial has many advantages over shaving and cleaning yourself. First of all, you cannot fully see the pubic area, and you have to put a lot of effort into shaving yourself down there , especially if you want to a proper job. This causes a lot of irritation and at the end of the shaving and grooming struggle you still cannot be sure whether or not you’ve missed a spot. Then the hair grows back rather quickly and you may experience stubble or suffer from itching. The Vajacial combined with a Brazilian Wax saves you from all this nonsense with just one treatment! Stay hair-free for weeks, with beautifully groomed skin thanks to the Vajacial wax from Delete.

Price: €30,95

Delete Deal: €15,48

  • 8,9 Rating
  • 400.000 treatments
  • Nr.1 in the Netherlands

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