Considering a Full Brazilian wax?

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The most well-known and most popular wax treatment is by far the Brazilian wax. Here, the entire pubic area cleared of hair, including the hair between the buttocks. This treatment is performed in both women and men (Boyzilian). It may be the first time are a bit strange: rest assured, our Wax Angels actually have everything already be seen and at them you are really in good hands. A treatment lasts no longer than 20 minutes and before you know it you are smooth again and cared for outside! 

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Do you still doubt about a Full Brazilian Wax? These may be good alternatives for you:
• Brazilian Wax Strip
• Brazilian Wax Triangle
• G-string
• Brazilian Wax wihout buttock
• Bikini Wax Legs

Brazilian Wax, the specialty of Delete

The Brazilian Wax is the specialty of Delete, so although it may feel a bit strange to book this treatment for the first time and have a stranger remove the hair of your intimate parts, you came to the right place indeed. Because let’s be honest, what’s more annoying than repeating that eternal process of shaving, only to be left to deal with stubble and that annoying itch? It is precisely the intimate zones where waxing is the best option, because shaving this area is the most difficult and the itch is the most annoying.

The great benefits of the Brazilian Wax

So be wise and get the hair in your pubic area professionally removed with the Brazilian Wax! The major benefits? You are actually hair free for up to three weeks, and you can enjoy a smooth and even skin after the wax treatment. Moreover, when the hair does grow back it will be thinner and much more smooth. Are you afraid of sensitivity during the treatment? Then, we have good news for you, because we use our own exclusive wax that attaches solely to the hair and not to the skin! That means that the treatment is not that sensitive all! Especially when you come for a second or third time, your skin gets used to the Brazilian Wax treatment so it will be less painful every subsequent time.

In addition, the Brazilian Wax is performed by our own professionally trained Wax Angels. It is their specialty to make you feel at ease, and to perform the treatment comfortably and efficient. Eventually you cannot believe that you did not choose for waxing before, and that spent all this time shaving your pubic area yourself!

Also discover the Boyzilian Wax, especially for men

Do you as a male also want to rid your pubic area of its hair? Then we have the perfect wax treatment for you: the Boyzilian Wax. Book the treatment here, many men preceded you.

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Delete Pre- & Aftercare

Waxing is a normal thing
The ultimate result of a great wax treatments needs a good pre- and after-treatment. Delete has a complete product line full for treating the skin before and after the wax treatment. Depending on your skin and the reaction of your skin on waxing we have the right products.

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