A full Boyzilian wax

What to expect?

A boyzilian wax is a full brazilian wax, but then for men. This means complete removal of hair around the sensitive areas, including hair in between the buttocks. More and more men come to Delete and have the Boyzilian wax treatment. Our Wax Angels are fast and professional, which makes our male customers come back for years. Relax and let our Wax Angels do their professional work. The result? 3-6 weeks without any hair, isn’t that amazing?


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Boyzilian Wax, the Brazilian Wax for Men

Delete specializes in the Brazilian Wax], this wax treatment completely frees the pubic area of all hair. Good news: this ultimate wax is also available for men! More and more men agree that the hairs on the buttocks and around the pubic area are quite irritating indeed, and want to get rid of it. If you also tend to hold this opinion, then you came to the right place with Delete. In our salon you will be treated professionally, efficiently and comfortably. Our Wax Angels are ready and you will be surprised at the ease with which you can have a Boyzilian Wax.

Let our Wax Angels treat you comfortably

If you’re considering to get your first Boyzilian Wax, you may feel a little uncomfortable. After all, it's quite an intimate zone that you’re about to have waxed. But don't worry: it’s the specialty of our Wax Angels to make you feel at ease. They treat many different naked bodies daily. So, who cares? The treatment will be over in no time and you will be free from all that annoying hair thanks to our Boyzilian Wax!

Never shave again!

The big advantage of the Boyzilian Wax is that it saves you a lot of hassle. Isn’t shaving your pubic area - especially as a man - just the most annoying thing ever? And once you’re finally done, you have to deal with stubble, itch and hairs growing back quickly. But with the Boyzilian Wax you make a wise decision. You will stay hair-free for weeks, and in addition, your skin will feel wonderfully soft and you don't have to maneuver yourself around in all sorts of weird angles to depilate yourself. Experience the difference and book an appointment online!

Price: €64,95

Delete Deal: €34,95

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