Bikini Wax

Does a Full Brazilian wax seem a bit too overwhelming? Even though you want a hair free bikini line without the hassle or irritated skin? We’ve got the perfect solution for you: our Bikini wax treatment. It can be a bit nerve-racking the first time, but our Wax Angels have seen everything. You’re in good hands; fast, professional treatment and absolutely no hassle. Once you try our Bikini wax you won’t go back to shaving, 3-6 weeks flawless and hair free, who doesn’t want that?

Curious about a Brazilian wax?
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Bikini wax treatment for a smooth and radiant skin

It’s important to take proper care of the bikini line. Especially if you often visit the spa, frequent the swimming pool, or if you like going to the beach. More often than not, shaving your bikini line is quite a hassle though. You have to repeat the shaving process over and over again, which may result in ugly stubble. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a bikini wax treatment with Delete! Because let’s be honest, what’s nicer than having a soft, smooth skin around the bikini? In addition, you will actually remain hair-free for weeks! This wax treatment revives your confidence when you are wearing your bikini.

Professional and comfortable bikini wax

After finishing your first bikini wax, you might ask yourself "Why didn't I do this before?" Actually, we quite regularly hear this comment in our salons. That’s because our bikini wax is professionally executed with a special waxing cream. This special wax is composed to distinctively stick to the body hairs and not to the skin. The result? The treatment will not feel that sensitive at all! Many women notice that a bikini wax at Delete actually feels comfortable, and book a new treatment right away! So, stop shaving and join our wax revolution!

Bikini line waxing throughout the Netherlands

Delete Professionals in Waxing has wax salons throughout the country. You don't have to travel far to find a good place for your bikini wax treatment! Our awesome Wax Angels are always there for you, they will make you feel at ease and give you the most comfortable bikini wax treatment. Look at our salons for your optimal location, and schedule an appointment online! Leave the days of old-fashioned shaving, stubble, itching and ingrown hair behind: join the wax revolution today!

Price: €28,95

Delete Deal: €14,48

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Delete Pre- & Aftercare

Waxing is a normal thing
The ultimate result of a great wax treatments needs a good pre- and after-treatment. Delete has a complete product line full for treating the skin before and after the wax treatment. Depending on your skin and the reaction of your skin on waxing we have the right products.

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All Delete products are for sale in our own webshop. There you find a complete description of the products and the application before and after the treatments