Waxen in Zwolle by Delete Professionals in Waxing


The Delete Professionals in Waxing wax salon in Zwolle is located at Klokkensteeg 2 in Zwolle. Other wax salons from Delete are in the following cities: Amsterdam (7), Utrecht (3), Rotterdam (2), Den Bosch, Laren, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Nieuwegein en Zwolle.

The best Brazilian wax and Boyzilian wax

We at Delete Professionals in Waxing are highly specialised in Brazilian wax and Boyzilian wax treatments. This is the most effective way to wax all body hair. At Delete Professionals in Waxing we wax the whole body except the head. For more information visit our homepage. Visit Delete Professionals in Waxing today for the best Brazilian waxing treatment in Rotterdam!

Come to Delete Zwolle for the Most Comfortable Wax

Delete is proud to treat residents of Zwolle in their wax salon. It is finally here, a professional wax salon in your area where you can go for a hassle-free wax treatment of your choice. Delete has an appropriate wax treatment for every part of the body except for the hair on the head. See for yourself which treatment appeals to you and schedule an appointment online! It's that easy. Our specially trained Wax Angels are ready for you, and before you know it your skin will be smooth as silk. We also welcome men to our wax salons!

Delete Zwolle Has the Best Wax For You

Delete specializes exclusively in waxing. That is why we can offer you the most comfortable wax in the Netherlands. You can profit from this comfort for two reasons:

  1. Because we work with specialized women who are trained internally at our Wax Academy. This is where they learn the tricks of the trade. These Wax Angels do not only wax professionally, but also make you feel at ease when you first come for a Brazilian Wax.
  2. We use our specially designed waxing cream. This waxing cream feels less sensitive than a normal wax, because our Delete waxing cream only attaches to the hair and not to the skin!


Of course, a first time treatment will not transpire completely without sensitivity, but it will probably be a lot better than you might expect. Moreover, your skin gets used to the wax treatment which means that every subsequent treatment becomes less sensitive! In addition, there are quite a few advantages that waxing has over shaving. For example, after a wax treatment with Delete, your skin is actually smooth for 3-6 weeks, you will not suffer from stubble or itch and your skin will be nice and soft! What else do you want? Stop shaving and ...





Klokkensteeg 2
8011 XV

+31(0)88 224 22 38


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