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Den Bosch

The best wax salon in The Netherlands, Delete Professionals in Waxing has just opened a new wax salon in Den Bosch. The new wax salon in Den Bosch is located at the Kruisstraat number 39. This is a very central location in Den Bosch. It is only a 5 minutes’ walk from the central station and a 3 minutes’ walk from the central market.

Like all 16 wax salons that Delete Professionals in Waxing owns, Den Bosch is a wax salon that exclusively offers wax treatments. This means we remove hair all over the body. At Delete Professionals in Waxing we perform waxing on arms, legs, the pubic region, the back, the belly and the face. It’s fair to say we wax the whole body, except the hair on your head, we’ll leave that for the barbers.

The Wax Angels working at Delete Professionals in Waxing have been trained carefully. We offer internal trainings in waxing, which the Wax Angels must pass before performing any waxing treatments. By training all our Waxing Angels with the same methods we can guarantee the same quality for our wax salon in Den Bosch as all the other wax salons in the other cities.

De Brazilian wax bij Delete

Delete Professionals in Waxing in Den Bosch is specialized in the Brazilian wax. Our educated Wax Angels perform this treatment at its best! So if you are looking for a Brazilian Wax in Den Bosch, there is only one place to go: Delete Den Bosch.
We hope to see you soon at Delete Professionals in Waxing in Den Bosch!


Waxing in North Brabant

Get an easy wax in Noord-Brabant at our top wax salon in Den Bosch! After much demand for a Delete wax salon in the south of the country, we are proud to offer our service here. No longer do you have to travel far to enjoy the benefits of a good wax treatment! Delete now offers the most comfortable wax service in Den Bosch. This saves you from the struggle of shaving your own body, and gives you the opportunity to be freed from your body hair!

We use our very own waxing cream in our salons. This wax is specifically designed to attach only to the hair! This makes a wax treatment in our salons much less painful than people often expect, especially at the first time. Many people come back to get another treatment with Delete!

Schedule your own appointment online

Making an appointment at a wax salon in Den Bosch is super easy. You can simply schedule a moment that suits you best on our website. The wax treatment does not take long, but is done with the utmost care by our own Wax Angels. They ensure that you feel nice and relaxed, and that the treatment goes efficiently and nicely. Before you know it the wax treatment is done, and you are free from your body hair! Your skin feels wonderfully smooth and soft, looks healthy and has no stubble at all. When the hair eventually does grow back, it will even feel much thinner and softer. So, join our wax revolution!

Special offers for members

Are you, like many before you, convinced of our wax treatment? And would you like to come again for an appointment at the Delete salon in Den Bosch? Then we have special member deals for you. As a member of Delete you can profit from a lot of discount! For example: membership provides you with a 50% discount on the Brazilian or Boyzilian Wax! Do you want to learn more about our special member deal? Take a look at this page.

Den Bosch

Den Bosch

Kruisstraat 39
5211 DT

Den Bosch
+31(0)88 224 22 73


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