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Waxing in Amsterdam

Looking for a wax salon in Amsterdam? Delete Professionals in Waxing has six different wax salons in Amsterdam. The first wax salon where you can go for a Brazilian wax in Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam Oud West, on walking distance of the Overtoom and the Leidseplein on the Eerst Constantijn Huygensstraat 43. The second wax salon which offers the best Brazilian wax in Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam de Pijp, on walking distance from the Sarphatipark op de Ceintuurbaan 398, close to the junction with the Van Woustraat. The third wax salon in Amsterdam is on the Zuidas, the fourth wax salon is located in Amsterdam Noord and the fifth wax salon has opened in 2018 at the new Van der Valk hotel in Amsterdam. Our latest opened salon is Amsterdam KNSM-eiland.

Delete Professionals in Waxing in the Netherlands

Delete Professionals in Waxing is on it's way to becoming the best wax salon chain in The Netherlands. Our mission is to provide all of The Netherlands with wax salons, so that everyone can enjoy a pain free waxing experience. We are growing rapidly at the moment and have opened 16 wax salons so far. We have salons in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Laren, Nieuwegein, Zwolle and Alkmaar. In our wax salons we wax every part of your body. The only part that we don't wax is the hear on the head, we like to leave this to the barbers. As for the rest of the body, we wax all of it! Everyone is welcome at Delete Professionals in Waxing. Come inside to learn more about waxing while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. For an overview of our treatments please visit our treatments page and to directly make an appointment, click here.

The best wax treatment in Amsterdam

Delete is a pioneer in Amsterdam. We are the first salon that focuses exclusively on waxing. No nonsense, simply the best wax treatments by specially trained professionals. You can go to six different locations for all kinds of wax treatments! Whether you want a legs wax, a Belly Wax, a full Brazilian Wax or a nice bikini-wax treatment at Delete you will be welcomed with open arms. With Delete Amsterdam you will find yourself in the best hands, and before you know it you will be out in the city streets again with beautiful smooth skin! Nice and easy, right?

Stop shaving, start waxing!

The first appointment may feel a bit awkward, especially if you want to have a Brazilian wax, for example. But when you discover the comfort of our wax salons and the professionalism of our wonderful Wax Angels, you won’t desire anything else. Many first-timers return to visit our salons. And for those loyal customers we even have special member deals with extra discounts! All you have to do is schedule an online appointment with your nearest Delete location in Amsterdam and leave the days of shaving and worrying about body hair in the past. So, stop shaving and join our wax revolution !

Waxing in Amsterdam, also for men!

Everyone is welcome to visit the Delete wax salons in Amsterdam for the most comfortable wax ever. Not only women, but also men are increasingly visiting our locations in Amsterdam. For example, the Boyzilian Wax - the Brazilian Wax for men - is becoming more and more popular. Only women work in the salons, so you will always be treated by a woman. These Wax Angels will make you feel at ease, so that you can comfortably take a seat in the salon. They treat all kinds of people throughout the day. For them, seeing naked bodies is simply part of the job, so you have nothing to worry about!

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Looking for a wax treatment? Visit Delete Amsterdam Oud West

Amsterdam Oud-West

Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 43
1054 BR

+31(0)88 224 22 20


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Get waxed at Delete Amsterdam de Pijp

Amsterdam de Pijp

Ceintuurbaan 398
1073 EN



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Looking for a wax treatment? Visit Delete Professionals in Waxing at the Zuidas Amsterdam

Amsterdam Zuidas

Claude Debussylaan 271
1082 MC

+31(0)88 224 22 21


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Looking for a wax treatment? Visit Delete Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Noord

Buikslotermeerplein 170
1025 EZ

+31(0)88 224 22 24


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Waxing in Amsterdam Van der Valk by Delete Professionals in Waxing

Amsterdam Van der Valk

Joan Muyskenweg 20
1096 CJ,

+31(0)88 224 22 25


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Waxing in Amsterdam Zuidoost by Delete Professionals in Waxing

Amsterdam Zuidoost

Bijlmerplein 377
1102 DK

+31(0)88 224 22 26


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Waxen in Amsterdam doe je bij Delete Amsterdam KNSM-eiland

Amsterdam Delete KNSM-eiland

Levantkade 167,
1019 MD

+31(0)88 224 22 27


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Brazilian wax bij Delete Professionals in Waxing

Delete Professionals in Waxing offers the best Brazilian wax treatments in Netherlands. At Delete we are specializes in the Brazilian wax. At the Brazilian wax is the pubic area completely cleared of hair. The Brazilian wax is a treatment for women. For men we call this treatment a Boyzilian wax treatment. There are many variations on the Brazilian wax, among other things: the Brazilian comic, the Full Brazilian and Brazilian Triangle. Our team of Wax Angels knows them all and will ensure that you always satisfied with your wax treatment. What Brazilian wax treatment you're looking for, you are going To Delete always satisfied way!