Wax Angel (M/V)

Once you open the door of a Delete salon, a special world opens. A world where taboos are broken and change in monthly rituals. Where the journey as a customer is paramount, and the goal is to provide the customer with a pleasant and liberating feeling to experience the treatments. This is the place where you as a Wax Angel can create a unique experience for the customer and for your colleagues.

Job Description Wax Angel
  • • You will execute wax treatments at ladies and gentlemen, including our specialty: The Brazilian wax
  • • You love to work hard in a young team and young company
  • • Working with people you'll find great; You satisfies to have contact with customers and colleagues
  • • You are not shy and feel at ease when discussing topics that are experienced as a personal and intimate
  • • You help customers on a charming and cheerful way
  • • You'll be open, have a listening ear and communicate easily
  • • You are sincere, to the point and always gives your professional opinion
  • • You're always working with the comfort of the customer
  • • You're aiming for the best possible result and are not satisfied with less
  • • You easily adapt to the customer
  • • You work during the week, but also in the evenings and weekends
  • • You are flexible, if necessary, working at a different establishment
  • • You are flexible, if necessary, on an occasional basis, to take over a service of a colleague
Training requirements

You have no background as a beautician, but do you think that waxing is right for you? No problem!; We lead you to full internal on Wax Angel. Experience with Brazilian waxing is a plus, but not a requirement.

Working conditions
  • • Delete offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits and a good bonus scheme
  • • Flexible contract forms + working hours
  • • Free waxing outside working hours
  • • A professional and structured international company with a customer-oriented, ambitious and fun team with more than 16 different nationalities!
  • • Different career opportunities, both in features as in growing to self-employment.
  • • Delete offers you a complete training to Wax Angel with the own Delete Academy (3-5 weeks)
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  • 8,9 Rating
  • 700.000 treatments
  • Nr.1 in the Netherlands
Delete Academy

All candidates who would like to become Wax Angels, should run through the Delete Academy at the start of our service. This internal training of 3-5 weeks consists of different training, theory and practice. The training is completed by an exam. After passing the exam, you may call your Wax Angel.

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More information about this job can be obtained by contacting via 088 224 22 22 or . Canvassing in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

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