Frequently asked questions for Waxing

About Delete

From now on, all your wax treatments can be done at one specialized wax salon, Delete Professionals in Waxing. We have waxing salons in Amsterdam (6 salons)Rotterdam (2 salons)Utrecht (2 salons)NieuwegeinEindhovenDen HaagDen BoschZwolle and Laren. We do what we are best at and that is waxing! Nothing more, and nothing less. Our waxing salons, our employees and our products are solely dedicated to waxing. The most popular treatment at Delete is the Brazilian wax for women and the Boyzilian wax for men. We have our own specialized Delete-wax and the best techniques and methods to be able to wax quickly with minimal discomfort. All our employees get a comprehensive training before they start waxing in a Delete waxing salon. After getting their certificate they can call themselves Wax Angels. Waxing at Delete is not a service; it is a full experience. We do what we are good at and that’s waxing!

About waxing & Brazilian waxing

Waxing is the removal of unwanted hair. At Delete, we wax the entire body except for the hair on your head. We’ll leave that job up to your hair stylist. Why wax? Hair removal with wax is an ancient tradition that has made a recent comeback. More and more women and men are discovering the benefits of waxing versus shaving, creams and so called “permanent” hair removal methods. Waxing is the only method that keeps the hairs away for weeks, whilst keeping your skin soft and clean. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? No stubble, no itching and no ingrown hairs. In the mid 1990’s, waxing made its first comeback in South America (origin of the Brazilian wax) and then travelled to the United States, Australia and Asia. In the beginning of this century, the trend has travelled to Europe where its most popular in the South of Europe. Now Delete wants to share the benefits of waxing with the Netherlands; as well as the rest of Northern Europe.

Brazilian wax

The most famous and popular wax treatment is by far the Brazilian wax. Here all pubic hair is removed and can be done on both women and men (also known as a Boyzilian for the boys). At Delete, we call it the ultimate Brazilian wax, and it’s our specialty.

The Ultimate Brazilian Wax

We have reviewed and tested different types of techniques and wax that would be ideal for our ultimate Brazilian wax. The application technique and wax itself was developed with Delete’s involvement to uphold our core values: to be professional, hygienic and cause minimal pain. Our Wax Angels specialize in waxing alone, so be assured that with our Angels, you are in heavenly hands.

Our Delete Wax
Delete works with several types of wax, all of which were designed and engineered for Delete. One is the hard wax that was developed to ensure that short hairs can be waxed. The wax has a great traction that only attaches to the hair and not to the skin. Thus, making it ideal for sensitive, intimate areas. And our most important feature about our waxes—they are especially designed to be as comfortable for our clients as possible. Sure, waxing is not entirely painless, with Delete however, it is far more comfortable.

Wax virgin

Have you never experienced waxing yet, heard ghost stories and urban myths about people who have gotten wax treatments? Waxing is not painless, but it is far less painful than stories and friends lead you to believe. The first time is the most sensitive because it is the first time your hairs have been removed like this. Come the second time, you will notice how much less sensitive your skin will be. And after the third time? That will only leave soft hair, which is far less painful to wax. Do you find waxing interesting? You can always come over and have some hair on your arm waxed to see if you like it. Embarrassed?
 When you come in for your first Brazilian, there will be a moment when you will have to take off your underwear. We understand that the first time will be uncomfortable for some. Our Wax Angels see dozens of pubic areas daily, for both women and men, they have seen it all. No person is the same and that also applies to the pubic area. For our professional Wax Angels, only the satisfaction of our client’s matter. You can absolutely rely on our discretion and professionalism.

Delete is considered as the wax specialist of the Netherlands and provides the ultimate Brazilian wax. With us, you get what you want: a fast, professional and hygienic treatment that results in a very smooth and soft pubic area. Both men and women are returning to Delete as happy customers wanting the same treatment and smooth result. After their internal training at the Delete Academy (6-8 weeks), our Wax Angels are more than experienced in waxing in general, and specialised in Brazilian waxing.

Where are you located?

Delete has multiple wax salons in Amsterdam (5), Rotterdam (2), Utrecht (2), Nieuwegein, Zwolle, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Eindhoven and Laren. For a full overview of our locations check our locations page here: locations wax salons

What number can I reach Delete at?

You can call our locations in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht via 088-2242222, and then choose your desired location. The easiest booking is online at

How can I schedule an appointment?

With Delete, you can either book online or call. To guarantee your treatment, we suggest you book through our online booking tool or call your desired location via 088-2242222.

Why wax?

Waxing is the only method of hair removal where you achieve a direct result: wonderfully soft, smooth skin. Waxing is the only method that keeps the hairs away for weeks.

What kinds of wax are there?

You can roughly distinguish between two types of wax: hard wax and soft wax. *Hard wax (also called hot film or resin film) is used on the most sensitive body parts (bikini, armpits, face) and soft wax is used for the rest of the body. Hard wax adheres only to the hair and not to the skin, as it naturally becomes hard. *Soft wax is removed with cotton strips after a thin layer has been applied to the waxing area with a metal spatula (legs, arms, chest, back). When using soft wax, the wax does not need to harden to remove hair.

How long should my hair be?

The ideal length is 5mm and the maximum length is 1.5cm. Hair that is too short cannot be removed with wax and with long hairs, you feel more pain during the removal. Therefore, we ask you to ensure that your hair must not exceed 1.5cm.

How can I pay at Delete?

At Delete, you can pay with PIN or your credit card. You cannot pay with cash. This is done for security reasons and besides this, more and more companies are no longer accepting cash payments.

Why can I not pay with cash?

Delete has chosen to only accept card payments. Our reasoning is that we have considered the safety of our employees and do not want to have cash in the salons. Luckily almost everyone in Holland either has a debit or credit card. Therefore, we hope this isn’t an inconvenience for anyone. We appreciate your understanding.

Does Delete offer sugaring?

Delete only uses soft wax and hard wax and does not offer sugaring. Sugaring takes longer than a typical treatment with hard or soft wax. Therefore, we think sugaring is not fitting with the Delete mission of providing fast, hygienic and professional waxing.

Are all the Wax Angels women?

Sure, you can if you like. But consider this first; Besides the inconveniences of shaving such as frequency, stubble, itching and possible hives, the hair will grow back thicker. This will make your next wax treatment like your first, with more discomfort. Most people waxing are immediately convinced of the benefits of waxing and do not return to shaving.

When can I not wax?

For most people, waxing is the ultimate hair removal method, however there are some cases where it is better not to wax. We do not recommend waxing if clients are using the following medications as it causes sensitive skin, thin skin and weakens the skin: - Retin A - Renova - Differin - Isotretioin - Roaccutane Please inform a Wax Angel if you have recently stopped taking one of these medications.

I am pregnant, can I wax?

Yes, you can. In many cases, pregnant women have found waxing a better hair removal solution during those nine months. Especially in the last months, shaving can be difficult. And when labor begins, we guarantee a tidy place down there. However, waxing can be slightly more sensitive during pregnancy.

How soon after childbirth may I be waxed?

The return to waxing varies in time per client. As a rule, you can assume that you can be waxed again when you have healed. The Wax Angel will determine discreetly if you are ready for the wax.

Can I get waxed with an intimate piercing?

Of course, you can have a Brazilian or Boyzilian with an intimate piercing. The areas with intimate piercings are normally free of hair. Our Wax Angels can clean the area and work around it.

What if I have damaged, sunburnt or thinner skin?

We ask that you share with your Wax Angel if you have any damaged, sunburnt, thinner or sensitive skin. They will take this into account and modify the wax treatment to better fit your skin. If the entire surface of the skin you wish to wax is an issue, we advise you not to wax until it’s healed.

I am a man and have small bumps on my chest after being waxed. What are these?

The skin of the chest of a man is very thin and after the first chest wax, the skin can become irritated. Those bumps appear 24 to 48 hours after waxing. If these bumps appear the first time, your second time shouldn’t have this outcome. Beauty comes with a price it seems.

Can I plan multiple appointments for the future?

Of course, you can always make future appointments, and we recommend it. This way you can easily consider special weekends, holidays, or other special occasions. We will plan with you for the future so you don’t have to worry about making appointments in the coming months.

Can I bring my child(ren) to Delete?

Bringing your children for the wax treatment could possibly lead to unwanted disturbance in the salon and the cabin. This could affect the quality of the treatment, and therefore we ask you to not bring your children for safety reasons.

Can I bring my animal to Delete?

For hygienic reasons, it is not allowed to bring pets into Delete.

Can I be waxed if I am a minor (under 18 years old)?

Can I be waxed if I am a minor (under 18 years old)?