Delete Deal

Discount on Brazilian & Boyzilian

Delete Deal

An offer you can't refuse

For all our fans, addicts, newbies and regulars we have a very special offer: discount for an entire year on all your Brazilian/Boyzilian wax treatments! This will save you €140 per year in no-time. And as an added bonus you will get extra discount on all other treatments with Delete *.

That makes you silent for a moment, doesn’t it? Are you ready to make the deal of your life? Our experienced Wax Angels are at your service.

Delete Deal:

  • Always discount Brazilian and Boyzilian treatments
  • Extra discount on all other wax treatments
  • Save €140 per year
  • Visit as often as you like
  • After 1 year you can unsubscribe monthly (one month notice)

* To subscribe to the Delete Deal you agree to pay €12.95 monthly or €142.95 for the full year. You can visit as often as you want. This agreement is valid for a 1 year period and will then be renewed without further notification. After the 1 year period you can unsubscribe monthly after one month notification in advance, in accordance with the terms and conditions.

** Package deals are excluded from this promotion and the general terms for Delete Professionals in Waxing apply.

Delete Deal
  • 8,9 Rating
  • 700.000 treatments
  • Nr.1 in the Netherlands
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