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Delete & waxing

From now on, all of your waxing treatments can now be done at one specialised wax bar, Delete Professionals in Waxing in Amsterdam (4x), The Hague, RotterdamUtrecht (2x), Laren, Eindhoven and Den Bosch.

Doing what we are good at, and that is waxing. No more, no less. Our salons, our employees and our products, all are solely aimed towards waxing. And in particular, we provide our specialty treatment for both women and men, Brazilian waxing.

With our special Delete wax, the newest technique and method, we are able to quickly and with minimal discomfort, provide a comfortable, professional wax.

Our employees, the Wax Angels, complete a comprehensive training before they start waxing in the salons. Waxing is not a service, it is a full experience at Delete. No fuss about it, so we do what we like and what we are good at, so we wax!

Delete is not a beauty farm, a beauty salon, or a city spa. We are a wax salon. And we are unique in what we do!

What is waxing?
Waxing is the removal of unwanted hair. At Delete, we wax the entire body except the hair on your head. We’ll leave that job to the barbers.

Why wax?
Hair removal with wax is an ancient tradition that has made a comeback now in modern times. More and more women and men are discovering the benefits of waxing versus shaving, creams and so called “permanent” hair removal methods. Waxing is the only method that keeps the hairs away for weeks, whilst keeping your skin soft and clean. How nice does that sound: no stubble, no itching and no ingrown hairs.

The growth of waxing culture
In the mid 1990’s, waxing made its comeback in South America (origin of the Brazilian wax) and then traveled to the United States, Australia and Asia. In the beginning of this century, the trend has traveled to Europe where its most popular in the South. Now Delete wants to share the benefits of waxing with the Netherlands; as well as the rest of Northern Europe.

Brazilian waxing
The most famous and popular wax treatment is by far the Brazilian wax. Here the entire pubic hair is removed and can be done on both women and men (also known as a Boyzilian for the boys). At Delete, we call it the ultimate Brazilian wax, and its our specialty.

The Ultimate Brazilian Wax
We have reviewed and tested different types of technologies and wax that would be ideal for our ultimate Brazilian wax. The application technique and wax itself was developed with Delete’s involvement to uphold our core values: to be professional, hygienic and cause minimal pain. Our Wax Angels specialise in waxing alone, so be assured that with our Angels, you are in heavenly hands.

Our Delete Wax
Delete works with several types of wax, all of which were designed and engineered for Delete. One in particular is the hard wax that was developed to ensure that short hairs can be waxed. The wax has a great traction that only attaches to the hair and not to the skin. Thus making it ideal for sensitive, intimate areas. And our most important feature about our waxes—they are especially designed to be as comfortable for our clients as possible. Sure, waxing is not entirely painless, however with Delete it is far more comfortable.

Wax virgin?
Have you never experienced waxing yet, heard ghost stories and urban myths about people who have gotten waxed? Waxing is not painless, but it is far less painful than stories and friends lead you to believe. The first time is the most sensitive because it is the first time your hairs have been removed through waxing. Come the second time, you will notice how less sensitive your skin will be. And after the third time? That will only leave soft hair, which is far less sensitive to waxing. Do you find waxing interesting? You can always come over and have some hair on your arm waxed to see if you like it.

When you come in for your first Brazilian, there will be a moment when you will have to take off your underwear. We understand that the first time will be uncomfortable for some. Our Wax Angels see dozens of pubic areas on a daily basis, for both women and men, and all has been seen. No person is the same and that also applies to the pubic area. For our professional Wax Angels, only the satisfaction of our clients matter. You can absolutely rely on our discretion and professionalism.

Brazilian Wax
Delete is considered as the wax specialist of the Netherlands and provides the ultimate Brazilian wax. With us, you get what you want: a fast, professional and hygienic treatment that results in a very smooth and soft pubic area. Both men and women are returning to Delete as happy customers wanting the same treatment and smooth result.

After their internal training at the Delete Academy (6-8 weeks), our Wax Angels are more than experienced in waxing in general, and more so in Brazilian waxing.