About Brazilian Waxing at Delete


Delete Professionals in Waxing

We do what we do best… waxing. That’s it!

In our salons, our employees and our products are completely focused on waxing. Delete is not a beauty farm, a beauty salon or a city spa; we are specifically a wax salon. And for that Delete is unique!

Our Wax Angels are thoroughly trained before they are allowed to handle your valuable skin. Using our signature Delete wax and the newest techniques, they wax quickly and with as little discomfort as possible.

What is waxing?

Waxing is the removal of undesirable body hair. At Delete, we specialize in Brazilian waxing, for him and for her, and of course we will wax any other part of your body…  except for the hair on your head. It’s better to trust your stylist with that!

Waxing is HOT!

Hot wax has been used for centuries to remove hair, but since the 1990s, waxing has been taking the world by storm. Beginning in South America (Brazilian waxing), it soon gained popularity in the United States, Australia and Asia. In more recent years waxing has also become a wide-spread hair removal method in Southern and Central Europe.

Why wax?

More and more people, male and female, are discovering the benefits of waxing versus shaving, crèmes or so-called “permanent” hair removal methods. In fact, waxing is the only method that can guarantee weeks of smooth, clean and (most-importantly)hair-free skin. Imagine: no more stubble, itchiness or ingrown hairs!

Brazilian waxing

The most well-known wax treatment is the Brazilian wax. Brazilian waxing means the removal of all pubic hair, on men or women. Our Wax Angels are specially trained and focused to be experts, so Delete can guarantee you the very best Brazilian wax!

The very best Brazilian wax

After studying and testing different methods and products, we have been able to develop the ultimate Brazilian wax: quick, professional, clean and as comfortable as possible. Our Wax Angels wax all day; they love waxing! Our Wax Angels will take good care of you and your unwanted hair.

Our Delete wax

At Delete we use a variety of waxes, all especially developed to make sure we can remove even very short hair. Our waxes stick to the hair and not to the skin, which means, above all, that we can wax with the least amount of discomfort for you. No, waxing is not painless, but at Delete it’s as painless as it can be.

Wax Virgin?

Have you heard waxing horror stories? It's not as bad as you might expect! The first time you get waxed your skin may be quite sensitive, but by your second time you will be pleasantly surprised that the “pain” is already much less. And after your first three treatments? Only much thinner hair will come back and will be waxed quickly and easily. Still feeling cautious? Feel free to come by our salon and we will wax some hair off your arm to demonstrate.


When you come in for your first Brazilian wax, your Wax Angel will ask you to take off your underwear. We understand that this may feel awkward for some of you. We emphasize that Wax Angels see a lot of intimate body parts every day, male as well as female. They have seen it all!


Male & Female


It’s very easy to make an appointment at Delete. Just call us at 088-2242222 or make a reservation online.